That moment in which I grew up

Grew up from being a son, a brother, a husband..to a Father. That day and moment I held my little baby, my son in my arms has to be the one that changed me completely.

There had been last minute complications, my wife’s blood pressure had shot up leading to conditions that required an immediate c-section. We had both spent several anxious hours, hoping, praying. I knew I was holding a miracle in my arms.

After all that anxiety just seeing him there, looking so peaceful and calm almost as if he was wondering what all the fuss had been about, triggered off a reaction that just changed everything.

Nothing that I had heard or read had prepared me for the change I experienced; nothing that I can say or write can ever completely explain the wave of emotions I felt in that instant.

There had been moments of before which told me I needed to change, several other wonderful moments, getting married to my lovely wife topping those. Moments in which I felt that things are going to be different, but this one acted like the final secret ingredient, that something that just made it happen.

It has redefined my relationships..since that day I have tried to be a better son, grateful for all things they must have done, things that me and my wife as parents do for our son!

That moment, has made me want to be better husband..if we could create something so beautiful, then we were certainly meant to be.

Its made me want to be better person, trying to be the role model for him.

The journey of course continues, the change is not complete yet, as my wife will readily agree 🙂 its still very much work in progress. But that moment definitely has to be the one in which everything changed for me..

That life that I had helped create, In that instant, had forever changed mine.

This ones for the weekly #dpchallenge..an amazing coincidence that the instant that had changed the physical me..will for ever now change the virtual me. This is my first blog ever…


5 thoughts on “That moment in which I grew up”

  1. I went through similar emotions when I delivered my baby girl. Holding her in my arms for the first time I knew I wasn’t the same person I was before this moment. Thanks for sharing with us. What a great way to start your blog.

    1. Dear Janet, thank you so much for being the first one to comment on my blog. Yes those were powerful emotions i felt in that instant, but probably not half as profound as the ones you , a woman, a mother (and a wonderful poet 🙂 ) would have felt.
      I have just visited postcardfiction (impressed!)and intend to continue visiting your other blogs as well..
      Meanwhile I feel encouraged by your kind words..many thanks.
      God bless!

    1. Hiya, thank you so much for appreciating the blog, yes pictures would be great.. and I have some really great ones..but I feel really technology challenged..It took me a while to figure out that instagram’s an app…and that it WILL NOT work on blackberry…
      Thanks again for visting..

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