In love with a Super Blogger-my entry to the GetPublished contest

He had decided to attend the IndiBlogger meet for one thing and one thing only, he had come here only for Priya, to hear her speak. He had been amazed by what she had become, an internet sensation!.

Her followers on Twitter numbered in the tens of thousands, her blogs one of the most read. People waited eagerly for her posts, “liking” them almost as soon as she published them.

She didn’t comment on trending topics, topics she commented on became trends.

Leading brands queued up for her, hoping she would write about their products, some hoping that even the merest mention on her blogs would make their products overnight hits.

Even at this IndiBlogger meet she was to be the star speaker, her speech was to be the highlight of this event. The book she had written on her experiences as a blogger had been a runaway hit. The online persona she had built, the followers she had earned, the success she had achieved online was what most bloggers dreamt of.

Yet that was not the Priya he had known just a few years back, that was not the Priya that he and his friends had been so cruel to. The Priya he had known had been a very different person.

After having tried to look for her all these years, he had bumped into her quite accidentally online and been amazed and even proud of what she had achieved.

Back then he hadn’t realized how precious she was, he hadn’t known he was in love with her, he hadn’t even known what love was, he had been too stupid and naive. He knew he had been wrong. He had hurt her; he had given into peer pressure.

He knew he and his stupid friends had destroyed something beautiful.

He had lived with the guilt of what he had done all these years. He had wanted to say sorry, but her family had moved out of their small town almost right after that incident and he had lost track of her.

Today he had gathered enough courage, he wanted to stand in front of her and say he was sorry; he wanted to say he had been stupid; and lastly if she would listen long enough, he wanted to say that he loved her.
He had loved her then and was hopelessly in love with her today.
How had he hurt her?
Should she forgive him?
Will she be able to forgive him?
What will he have to do to convince her that both his regret and his love were really genuine?

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India


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