Why we cannot RIP..

We cannot rest in peace..

A precious life has been lost.

This cannot and should not be the end.

She cannot be forgotten, we cannot move on with life as usual.

Lets question, Lets challenge, Lets Protest.

Why are our laws not strong enough to prevent this.

Why are women unsafe on streets, why are they expected to take measures to keep themselves safe, why cant they feel protected, safe.

Is it only the streets, incidents have happened at home, perpetrators being close “family” and “friends”

Do we not need special squads that will be dedicated to protect women..

Sqauds that will not be wasted on “bandobast”, protecting people who dont need protection?

Do we need a change of mindsets.. who is going to protect women from their own “family” and friends”

They cannot be told what to wear, they cannot be asked not to step out of their houses, they cannot be told they are responsible.

No, we cannot RIP

Those who ignore the past are condemned to repeat it, we cannot afford this to be repeated.

No we cannot RIP, lets not RIP


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