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Daily Prompt: In the loving memory of …. A blog!

Digital Grave, Courtesy google images
Courtesy google images

Now here’s something that might interest you I said to my blog, an opportunity to write your own obituary..
Oh how appropriate it exclaimed..since we do really die such untimely unsung deaths! Thank you it said before launching into this eulogy..

Here in the digital coffins of wordpress servers lies the brave blog who so selflessly strode in to the world… carrying a smile for someone, a few unshed tears for another.

It went out in to the world offering hope and inspiration, spreading laughter and joy, wisdom and love..

It marched on.. Carrying the sad story of someone’s betrayal, of the few intimate and emotional moments shared with a loved one.

Carrying a dream for someone and a dream come true for another…

It strode on, never once seeking glory for itself, selfless in its service, relentless in its journey.

It took in everything with equanimity…
The adulation and praise, the “likes”, the “follows” that were part of its early life. The glory of it sunrise..
The ignominy of people moving on right after… the loneliness of it sunset.

Here in its digital grave lies the brave warrior.. praying that its soul does live on ..
in the heart of the one who created it and in the many hearts of the ones who enjoyed it.

courtesy tumblr, google images
courtesy tumblr, google images
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Weekly Photo Challenge, Reflections: Fathers magic mirror

Fathers Magic mirror_clipart
Fathers Magic mirror_clipart

Father I am confused, I said sitting down next to him. For a while now I had been disturbed, I don’t know what I want I told him. Its like I once set out on this journey, all excited, raring to go and now suddenly halfway through I seem to be unsure of the destination. I feel incomplete I told him, sounding a bit distraught.
Father just looked at me lovingly, don’t worry son, I have just the thing for you he said handing me something.
Here take it with you, it’s my magic mirror he explained. As I looked at it, all I could do was stare back at him in disbelief..

Because his magic mirror was not even a mirror It was actually almost a mirror..it seemed to have done everything right, gotten a beautiful wooden frame, was just the right size, the ideal shape but seemed to have changed its mind about becoming mirror at the last minute.

It had everything going for it, except for the glass that would make it a real mirror!, but, there was no arguing with Father. I just picked it up and walked home wondering how this piece of wood was going to help me.

So there it sat all day on my table, with me trying to figure out Father’s mysterious ways. Just when I had begun to doubt father’s wisdom, I realized that I was being unfair to it. Maybe all the while that I was trying to get it to inspire me, it was probably waiting for me to do the same. It was probably looking for a help from me, something that would transform it, making it what it really had wanted to be.

I tried different things, tried on my best suit in front of it, put up my best smile, tried to look happy but alas, nothing worked.

noting Worked
noting Worked

Its own incompleteness a constant reminder of the incompleteness I felt within..

Then one day just I had almost given up hope, I happened to chance upon a weekly challenge at wordpress.. the challenge being to write about “the moment that changed your life” and something told me this was it..
I wrote my very first blog, I felt a glow inside me as I hit the publish button.. just as I was enjoying that beautiful feeling I realized that Father’s mirror had suddenly lit up and there it was finally, my reflection!

Father’s incomplete mirror had helped complete me, it had help me discover the real me..

All along while I had tried my best to get it to reflect me it had waited patiently for the real me..

I realized that up until then, all the “perfect” mirrors around me had just shown me shallow reflections, incomplete images while Fathers “incomplete” mirror had shown me a complete image, a beautiful vision..

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21-12-12.. let it be a new beginning!

The world will come to an end on 21-12-12.. That’s what the text message I received recently said..
Will it really?
There’s a host of websites dedicated to the topic, thankfully a lot of them contain sensible arguments which call it what it is…a hoax!
But what if it really is true, what if the word is really going to end that day, what If we really did have only a few days to live.. What would we do!
While an apocalypse may not be a reality that thankfully most of us may have to deal with, there are quite a few for whom an apocalypse has been predicted with certainty. Who live every day knowing for sure they are not going to live long, who know, whose loved ones know that they have very few months, or even just days to live!
The terminally ill live with that knowledge every day; their loved ones know for sure the end is near, how do they deal with it.
This reminds of me a beautiful bollywood classic – Anand (Which is the Hindi word for Happiness).
It is about a terminally ill person – Anand, who has been given just a few months to live, who has been told that he has form of cancer that has no cure and that the end Is very near..
Perfect recipe for an absolute tear jerker right? Well quite the opposite really..
Knowing that the end is near….Anand decides to live life to the fullest! He goes about spreading joy and happiness, reaching out to as many people as his short life would allow, touching their lives.
In loving his life he teaches several other people how to love their own, with what little color he has left he paints the lives of all those around with vibrant beautiful shades.
Like a beautiful flower that doesn’t really know or care if the end is near.. he steps out every day with his best suit and best smile…
He lives every day like its going to be his last. He lives his life like a kid whose been told the parks about to close and he better hurry up!.. That kid doesn’t waste time! That kid gives it all he has to make the most of the time he has left!
And really why cant we do all do that.. why not make the most of it while it lasts.
Live like the world is going to end .. not on 21-12-12, Live like its going to end tomorrow!..
Live like there’s absolutely no time left, you have to make the most of it.. Have all the fun while you can!
Go do that crazy thing you have been waiting to do all this while!
Go make that phone call you have been putting off!
Go give that hug!
Go down on your knee and just say it!
Go give that smile you know in your heart was needed!
Make that apology!
Go make your peace!
Live every day like it’s going to be your last!
Live like the world is going to end tomorrow!

Stop Worrying, Start Living!

Let 21-12-12 not be an end.. let it be a new beginning!


That moment in which I grew up

Grew up from being a son, a brother, a husband..to a Father. That day and moment I held my little baby, my son in my arms has to be the one that changed me completely.

There had been last minute complications, my wife’s blood pressure had shot up leading to conditions that required an immediate c-section. We had both spent several anxious hours, hoping, praying. I knew I was holding a miracle in my arms.

After all that anxiety just seeing him there, looking so peaceful and calm almost as if he was wondering what all the fuss had been about, triggered off a reaction that just changed everything.

Nothing that I had heard or read had prepared me for the change I experienced; nothing that I can say or write can ever completely explain the wave of emotions I felt in that instant.

There had been moments of before which told me I needed to change, several other wonderful moments, getting married to my lovely wife topping those. Moments in which I felt that things are going to be different, but this one acted like the final secret ingredient, that something that just made it happen.

It has redefined my relationships..since that day I have tried to be a better son, grateful for all things they must have done, things that me and my wife as parents do for our son!

That moment, has made me want to be better husband..if we could create something so beautiful, then we were certainly meant to be.

Its made me want to be better person, trying to be the role model for him.

The journey of course continues, the change is not complete yet, as my wife will readily agree 🙂 its still very much work in progress. But that moment definitely has to be the one in which everything changed for me..

That life that I had helped create, In that instant, had forever changed mine.

This ones for the weekly #dpchallenge..an amazing coincidence that the instant that had changed the physical me..will for ever now change the virtual me. This is my first blog ever…