Weekly Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge – Just do(ing) it

The one picture that instantly came to mind when I came across this weekly writing challenge was this one..

A - Just doing it

Just doing it.. Answering nature’s call. The picture is at once Hilarious but also quite sad.
Sad because it reminded me that there are many in my country who are still homeless, who don’t have access to decent sanitation.

Here are other’s ..

B - Crowded Train
C - Just doing it

Just doing it .. Hanging on to dear life..
Probably because that’s the only train that could take them to freedom, to a new tomorrow.

Bricks that will probably build someone else's home
Earning a living

Just doing it.. Earning a living , making sure mouths are fed.

queuing up for water.. coke can wait.

Just doing it.. queuing up for water..

But then things are looking up.. because there are people who are also “doing it” making sure things will not be the same..

People Like Sudha Murthy and her foundation who among many other noble deeds, are donating large sums to building toilets across rural India.

Metro Man E Sreedharan, who has made pictures like the below possible.

Delhi Metro

Heartening pictures of Express ways getting built…Infrastructure being strengthened

H - Aerial view of Kathipara Junction

So really .. this ones just a tribute to a nation, a people who go out there , find a way and “just do it”, day in day out.

And also a hope.. that if we just keep on “doing it”.. getting it right in small things.. we might eventually, together as a nation ..“just do it”

Image Source, credits
Images A, C, D, E, F – With Kind Permission from Shalu Sharma

Image B – Skycrapercity.com

Image G – asiabizz.com

Image H – walkthroughindia.com

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Shift your perspective: Had to, Father hadn’t liked it..

He was mystified as he walked over to Father’s.

Father had said he wanted to talk about his recent post -> In the loving memory of.. A Blog

He wondered what Father had to say .. especially because Father hadn’t sounded too pleased.

What you have seen as an end is actually a wonderful beginning father said to him as he entered.. Father never really had time for pleasantries.

Come with me father said to him, leading him outside to the dandelion plant in the garden. As he looked on father blew gently on a flower head and they both watched silently as the little florets flew away looking like tiny angels, as white as father’s flowing beard.

Like so many little angles..
Like so many little angles..
Angels flying away to spread their magic
Angels flying away to spread their magic

That’s what you do when you publish a post on your blog father said pointing to the little white fluffs, those are the posts that are published on the all the blogs..People like them as they stay in sight and slowly float away, liking them, following them.

But when they are out of sight, does it mean they have died, fading away in to obscurity? Father asked him..

Your posts just like those seeds have really just gone in search of their destiny, Father said to him, in search of new ground, where they will anchor and fulfill their destiny..

What you have described as a digital grave Father explained to him, is actually a miraculous mine, your posts are the gems that this beautiful mine holds.

That mine is richer than even King Solomon’s mine because it holds riches far greater than any other mine can ever hold.
The mine holds the testimony of someone’s love. It holds lessons learnt over a lifetime by some one..

It holds the wisdom of people who have loved and lost, fought and been defeated, of those people who have fallen but have shown the courage to stand again.

This beautiful mine holds stories of amazing success people have achieved, stories that can inspire others to do the same..

Our Posts
Our Posts

The mine is richer than King Solomon’s mine because you can mine it all you want, but you can never empty it, in fact the mine only grows richer every day..

So you see son, what you had seen as an End, what you had seen as a grave is really a heavenly garden, full of beautiful flowers from all over the world.

Flowers that enrich people’s lives with their vibrant colors, bring peace to people’s lives with their fragrance..

Posts that are as beautiful as these flowers
Posts that are as beautiful as these flowers

So there it was, father’s wisdom had again helped change his perspective..

**Written in third person because the wise people at WordPress so willed it..