My son.. the beach bum!

Dad, I want to go to the beach!!

This is what he said when he called me at work the other day, and I couldn’t help smiling..

Nothing else does it for him; it has to be the beach!

I clearly remember the first time we took him to a beach, he’s been a different person ever since…

Every holiday ever since has had to have a trip to the beach, and there’s just no way I can say no to…..




Here’s how our typical “sessions” at the beach begin.. we are almost always the first ones to hit the beach, hurrying like the blazes.. Like the sea might run out of water any minute now..

And we are always the last ones to head back.. always a difficult conversation..

He is always at his creative best..

He loves building castles on the sand … and in the air.. he one day wants a house close to the beach!!

The sea also brings out his adventurous best..

The closest beach is a good 3-4 hour drive..

but the pure joy on his face always makes it worthwhile!!

So there it is.. he has decided, another trip to the beach is imminent..

And to be fair to him..I am just as big a beach bum as he is.. At the time of going to press, both of us are working on strategies to convince his mother 🙂

If you too are a beach bum (hopefully its apparent by now.. I use the term with utmost affection), please do leave behind information about your favorite beach (and here’s a hint: these don’t have to be on some top 20 list beaches..The best beaches somehow always seem to be those hidden gems, tucked faraway from the maddening crowds.. where its just you, the sun the sand and the waves)

I am hoping my son reads this blog one day and finds this list of beaches you would have so kindly left behind..

I am hoping he might visit all these beaches..

And then I hope he starts a blog of his own..

sharing his thoughts on why being a beach bum.. might actually be a good thing!